Embryo Surrogacy Package

Basic Program

The Basic Program includes a comprehensive surrogacy and birth package for those who have pre-existing embryos or want to ship them from their home clinic to our centre in Kiev. We have relationships with a number of international couriers who can arrange for the shipment of your embryos for your Ukraine surrogacy program.

This programme includes legal fees associated with your child carrying contract and notary fees, all screening of your chosen surrogate mother, surrogate preparation and embryo transfer, normal prenatal monitoring and tests during pregnancy, hospital fees and medical fees for the birth of your baby(ies), compensation for your surrogate mother, and legal assistance with acquiring the birth certificate and necessary documents for your embassy.

The cost of this programme is $39 500 USD plus stimulation medication. If an egg donor is needed, an additional cost will apply. Please note that prices are based on US dollars.

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