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Egg Donation Ukraine

Egg donation Ukraine is legal and may be undertaken in conjunction with a surrogacy program. Ukraine egg donors are anonymous, and you will not be able to meet them We have a variety of Ukrainian egg donors with various blood types and physical characteristics to assist you if needed. All of our donors undergo a battery of tests before being accepted into our program. They are tested for AMH and antral follicle count to ensure they have an adequate ovarian reserve and are good candidates for donation, they undergo a psychological evaluation, and they have medical screening including for infectious diseases.

Requirements for Ukrainian Egg Donors

In Paragraph 5.5 of The Instruction on Procedures for ART, it stipulates the requirements for donors:

  • a woman from 18 to 36 years old;
  • must have a healthy child of her own (by extension, all donors in Ukraine are proven donors);
  • the absence of negative phenotypic manifestations;
  • satisfactory somatic health;
  • the absence of medical contraindications for donation;
  • the absence of hereditary diseases;
  • the absence of harmful habits: drug addiction, alcoholism, toxic substances abuse.


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