Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

Legal Surrogacy Programs

We have a variety of Ukraine surrogacy programmes to meet the needs of our intended parents. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is very affordable by global standards and is up to 75% more affordable than places like the United States. Our surrogate mother Ukraine price starts at just $39 500, and we have programmes to meet any need. Whether you have pre-existing embryos created in your home country and need to ship them, whether you will undergo an IVF cycle at our clinic in Kiev, or whether you need IVF with an egg donor, you will find Ukraine surrogacy cost attainable. We have relationships with various international shipping companies for inbound embryos.

From surrogate and donor screening, to implantation, to pregnancy monitoring, we strive to meet the very highest standards.

To learn more about our programmes and the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine, follow the links below: