Donor Surrogacy Package

Donor Program

Surrogacy is Ukraine is possibly the best option globally for married couples seeking to have a family through a legal surrogacy arrangement. Surrogacy in Ukraine is governed by multiple legal acts including Article 123, Part 2 of the Family Code which expressly regulates the affiliation of a child born as a result of assisted reproduction and a surrogacy program. At this time, there is no legal way for single parents and same sex couples to take part in a surrogacy program in Ukraine.

The Egg Donation and Surrogacy Package includes a  comprehensive single attempt surrogacy, Caucasian egg donor, and birth package. This package includes IVF with a Caucasian egg donor cycle at our center in Kiev, legal fees associated with your child carrying contract and notary fees, all screening of your chosen surrogate mother, surrogate preparation and embryo transfer, normal prenatal monitoring and tests during pregnancy, hospital fees and medical fees for the birth of your baby(ies), compensation for your surrogate mother, and legal assistance with acquiring the birth certificate and necessary documents for your embassy.

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