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The Institute for Reproductive Medicine (IRM) was established as a result of the pioneer work of scientists and physicians in the field of assisted reproduction. For over 30 years, we have been leaders in the field and are happy to assist with your surrogacy in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Surrogacy With The Institute For Reproductive Medicine

Ukraine surrogacy is possibly the best option globally for married couples seeking to have a family through a legal surrogacy arrangement.  Surrogacy Ukraine and assisted reproduction is governed by multiple acts including Article 123, Part 2 of the Family Code of Ukraine which expressly regulates the affiliation of a child born as a result of assisted reproductive technologies and a surrogacy programme.

In addition, Article 139 of the Family Code of Ukraine, specifically Part 2 of this Article, stipulates that contesting maternal affiliation of a genetic mother by a gestational carrier is prohibited.  Therefore,  when engaging in surrogacy in Ukraine with properly drafted legal contracts, the child is legally considered to be the child of the intended parents from the very moment of conception.

The pioneers of assisted reproduction in Ukraine in collaboration with the agency Conception Consulting and some of the leading experts in the fields of surrogacy law, gynaecology, reproductive endocrinology, andrology, and reproductive psychology will be with you through all stages of the surrogacy Ukraine process. We strive to ensure that our patients have our trust and we achieve success.


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The Institute for Reproductive Medicine

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine (IRM) is a modern international medical centre for the treatment of  infertility and for surrogacy in Ukraine which has the highest accreditation of the Ministry of Health.  We not only practice the most modern assisted reproductive technologies, but we also share our experience with doctors from other Ukrainian and foreign clinics.

The clinic employs highly qualified reproductive specialists, gynaecologists, endocrinologists, urologists and embryologists who regularly partake in professional development and training in the best foreign centres for the treatment of infertility.  Our clinics personnel are members of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).  In 2012, IRM moved to a spacious new building with the most modern facilities, where all the clinic’s offices are conveniently located and where much of the surrogacy Ukraine journey will take place.  IRM in collaboration with the agency Conception Consulting are ready to assist you.

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Surrogacy Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world with clear regulations for surrogacy which are entrenched in the law.  You can trust that your parentage is guaranteed and your rights protected in this important life journey.  Contact Us to see if surrogacy in Ukraine with IRM is right for you.

Our Egg Donors

Our egg donors are  between the ages of 21 and 29 years of age.  All egg donors in Ukraine are proven and must have a child of their own.  Many of our donors have also donated in the past successfully.  Donors undergo a battery of hormonal, medical, and psychological tests before entering the programme.

Our Programmes

If you are a heterosexual married couple with a medical reason for Ukraine surrogacy, we have a number of programmes. They include our Basic Programme with pre-existing embryos, our Standard Programme with IVF, and our Unlimited Programme which guarantees success with donor eggs.

Our Medical Team

Professor Dakhno
Professor DakhnoReproductive Pioneer
Under the guidance of Professor Dakhno in 1984, a group of researchers achieved the first fertilization and pregnancy in Ukraine by IVF.
Dr. Sirenko
Dr. SirenkoReproductive Specialist
Dr. Sirenko is the head of the IVF department, a gynaecologist-endocrinologist, reproductologist, and a doctor of the highest category in Ukraine with 30 years experience.
Dr. Faschuk
Dr. FaschukReproductive Specialist
Dr. Faschuk is an obstetrician-gynaecologist and a doctor of the highest category in Ukraine. She has over 22 years experience. .
Dr. Kozachok
Dr. KozachokReproductive Specialist
Dr. Kozachuk is a gynaecologist-endocrinologist and reproductologist. She has over 13 years experience in the field. .

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